• Manufacturer of swimming pool covers
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LIDERPOOL is a Polish company with years of experience in pool covers manufacturing. The company designs and manufactures safe covers, winter covers and pool shutters.

Liderpool was established in 2011 in Witkowo, near Poznań. Our annual production volume exceeds 4500 covers and is still growing.

Leading manufacturer of swimming pool covers

Liderpool is a leading manufacturer of swimming pool covers in Europe. Our production area is 3600 m2, the factory occupies the area of over 15000 m2.

The covers manufactured by LIDERPOOL are sold as excellent export products throughout the European Union through a network of swimming pool construction companies.

Our knowledge, which we have achieved in recent years, is an important base for our current success and our know-how. Our experience helps us to respond to the wishes of our customers by offering products of the highest quality as well as developing and designing new products. For our production, we only use the highest quality materials: PVC profiles, polycarbonate profiles, fabric-reinforced PVC tarpaulins, 316L V4A steel and anodised aluminum profiles. Each individual cover is subjected to final inspection by our qualified employees after production.

  • Manufacturer of pool covers


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  • Pool covers manufacturer


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We have many years of experience in production of various pool covers. We have been manufacturing swimming pool covers for over 20 years, we specialize in shutters, safe covers and winter covers.

As a leading manufacturer of swimming pool covers, we are obliged to comply with strict safety standards for swimming pool protection systems and the highest quality of workmanship. We also offer a wide choice of products and the ability to choose the fabric colour as well as other elements that will perfectly complete the look.

"Tailor-made" - dedicated swimming covers

The LIDERPOOL product range includes many interesting ways to protect your swimming pool and to operate it with energy efficiency. Our covers help preserve the longevity of your swimming pool and make it a place where you would like to spend your time.

  • Stainless steel pool covers


    Pool shutters

  • Aluminum profiles pool covers


    Thought out solutions

  • Pool covers out of aluminum


    Versatility of applications

  • Pool covers out of polycarbonate


    Winter covers

Pool shutters produced by our company are always dedicated to a specific swimming pool, that is "tailor-made". The priority for the engineering thought of our covers is, among other things, durability, lightness and structural endurance. Security of users granted by our solutions. Quality and aesthetics that complete the look of the entire swimming pool.

Watch the video and see how functional and easy to use our solutions are

  • Safety above all – safety is the most important factor for us and it determines all other elements of design.
  • Functionality – second most important factor that closely follows safety. Functionality determines 1/3 of our design and implementation activities.
  • Aesthetics and Design - extremely important elements that constitute the added value, without them shutters would not fit in with the surroundings and would not bring the expected emotions.


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Damian Olejniczak, sales: Germany, Austria
Tel.: +48 530 565 937 | e-mail: do@liderpool.de

Emil Ładowski, sales: Poland, East-Central Europe, Scandinavia
Tel.: +48 668 610 976 | e-mail: el@liderpool.pl

Krzysztof Płóciennik, customer service (de/en/pl) / sales: the Netherlands, Belgium
Tel.: +48 664 783 543 | e-mail: krzysztof@liderpool.eu

Robert Gärtner, customer service (de/en)
Tel.: +48 530 375 754 | e-mail: rg@liderpool.de


Leading manufacturer of swimming pool covers

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