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LIDERPOOL offers the safety roller cover in two different versions: "Standard” roller cover and „Tube” roller cover. Both safety covers „Standard” roll cover and „Tube” roll cover meet the safety requirements according to the French standard NF P 90-308.

LIDERPOOL Safety Roll Protection Cover

The safety cover is made of a durable PVC-coated polyester fabric, is antibacterial and UV-resistant. The material thickness is 580 g / m². The covers have a temperature resistance of -30 ° to + 70 ° C and can be used all year round. Reinforced profiles of anodised aluminum are used for the reinforcement. The tube profiles have a diameter of Ø 45 mm and a wall thickness of 2 mm.

The LIDERPOOL roll protection systems are made for swimming pools with rectangular shape on measure. For round or oval pools, the roll protection can be cut octagonally. We offer the safety roller cover in the following colors: light gray, dark gray, blue, vanilla and ice white. In addition, we also offer a variety of side mountings, which are very useful in strong winds and support the safety of this cover.

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Watch the video and check out how the safe pool covers are installed

  • Safe pool cover – when the pool is not used and you need a cover for it. A way to cover it that provides comfortable pool protection and safety.
  • Easy to use – the assembly is quick and simple, so you can set or remove the pool cover at any time. The automatic folding crank is an additional easement.
  • Different colour versions available – the colour of the cover material can be chosen to suit the surroundings. There are four colour versions available.


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LIDERPOOL Pool Security Cover „Standard“

The variant „Standard” has the support tubes located above the tarpaulin in the edge area and in the middle they area below the tarpaulin. Additional plastic moldings are downsides.

Key Benefits:

  • Maximum safety for children and pets
  • Limiting evaporation from the water surface and reducing heat loss
  • Ideal tightness and stability guarantee cleanliness of the pool summer and in winter
  • Easy and fast operation
  • Small external dimensions
  • Version with electric drive possible

Technical parameters:

  • PVC coated antibacterial polyester fabric, 580 g/m²
  • Tarpaulin is UV-resistant
  • Temperature resistance from -30° to +70°C
  • High-frequency welded edge 25 mm
  • Reinforcement profiles made of anodized aluminium tube Ø 45 mm
  • Fastening kit made of stainless steel
  • Projection per pool side 20 cm
  • 1 hand crank is included in the mounting kit
  • Side fasteners are available as an option

The LIDERPOOL POOL SECURITY COVER is available in following colours: light gray, dark gray, blue, vanilla and ice white.

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LIDERPOOL Pool Cover Security „Tube”

In the case of the roll- protection cover „tube”, the carrier tubes lie over the entire width above the tarpaulin and are welded in a tab of PVC tarpaulin. Additional plastic moldings downsides protect the basin edge.

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Key Benefits:

  • Prevents children and animals from entering the entire covered area
  • Limits evaporation of water from the pool and reduces the heat loss
  • It is extremely tight and stable, and thus guarantees the pool will stay clean in winter and in summer
  • Amazing ease of use
  • Small fixings and external flange
  • Can be installed with an electric drive

Technical parameters:

  • High quality and durability. Antibacterial polyester cover secured with a 580g/m² PVC layer
  • Resistance of the fabric to atmospheric factors, including UV rays
  • A wide spectrum of temperature resistance, from -30° to +70°C
  • 50mm edges are high frequency welded
  • Anodized profile bearing tubes Ø 45 mm
  • All fittings are made of stainless steel
  • A 20cm overlap on each side of the pool

The LIDERPOOL POOL SECURITY COVER is available in following colours: light gray, dark gray, blue, vanilla and ice white.

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